Recently I had a Helende(Healing)Reading in English. Besides that I love languages and in particular the English language. I think the English language is very good to express yourself.

If I do “my thing” I’m already a translator of what I see, hear, feel, know and sometimes smell. I had clients from different countries with translators in my office. And sometimes I can hear the different sound of the languages. But most of the time I hear in the English language. So to do my thing in English was and is very nice to do.

Don’t hesitate if you speak a different language and would like to do this in English or in another language with a translator. If people don’t know the words, they Know/ Feel what I mean.

It’s also possible to have a HELENDE (healing) READING in an online session. If you have any questions please fill in the contact list.

You can also go to my Instagram page to translate in your chosen language what I have posted. Below 👇🏼 you can find the instagram link. If you click on the link you’d be directed to my account.

Here you can see the review of a client who had a Helende Reading in English. If you want to read more reviews, click on Ervaringen 👆🏽